Gta gameplay


The gameplay in Grand Theft Auto IV is similar to the gameplay of some of the previous games. The player character is capable of walking, running, swimming, jumping, and climbing. There are many vehicles for the player character to take control of like boats, cars, motorcycle, and helicopters. The game view is in third person. The character can free aim, lock onto targets, and blindfire. In Grand Theft Auto IV there is a notoriety system which is displayed on the screen as 6 stars. Niko's wnated level can go up by running over pedestrians, ramminto police cars, or killing civillians. In Grand Theft Auto IV after you do a certain mission roman gives you his old phone. You can use this phone to access contacts, call friends, go into the online multiplayer modes, or access cheat codes.

    In Grand Theft Auto IV there are 15 online multiplayer modes. During multiplayer you can create and fully customize a character to play. the multiplayer supports 16 players on the console version and 32 players on the PC version. In multiplayer there's racing, free modes, deathmatches, and many cooperatove modes.