Gta cheats

Grand Theft Auto IV Cheat Codes

One you do the mission where Roman gives you his phone you can tap up on the directional pad twice to bring up the cheats menu. This where you can unlock some pretty awesome stuff.

Full Health and Full Armor-3625550100

Full Health, Armor, and Ammunition-4825550100

Weapons Tier 1 (Baseball bat, handgun, shotgun, M4, MP5, Sinper Rifle, RPG, and grenades)-4865550100

Weapon Tier 2 (Knife, Molotov Cocktail, handgun, shotgun, uzi, AK47, Sinper Rifle, and RPG)-4865550150

Remove Niko's Wanted Level-2675550150

Add One star to Niko's Wanted Level-2675550150

Spawn Anhilator Police Helicopter-3595550100

Spawn Cognoscetti (Car)-2275550100

Spawn Jetmax (Boat)-9385550100

Spawn Comet (Car)-2275550175

Spawn FBI Buffalo (Car)-2275550100

Spawn NRG 900 (Motorcycle)-6255550100

Spawn Sanchez (Motorcycle)-6255550150

Spawn Super GT (Car)-2275550168

Spawn Turismo (Car)-2275550147

Change Weather and Brightness-4685550100

The Lost and Damned Cheats

Spawn Burrito-8265550150

Spawn Double T Bike-2455550125

Spawn Hakochou Bike- 2455550199

Spawn Hexer Bike-2455550150

Spawn Innovation Bike-2455550100

Spawn Slamvan-8265550100

Ballad of Gay Tony

Explosive Sniper Rifle Shots-4865552526

Super Punch-2765552666

Spawn Akuma Bike-6255550200

Spawn APC-2725558265

Spawn Bullet GT-2275559666

Spawn Buzzard Hellicopter-3595552899

Spawn Floater Boat-9385550150

Spawn Parachute-3595557272

Spawn Vader Bike-6255553273